About us

Motto: “This is a Wonderful World”

We are Tünde Pető & Zsolt Zátrok, a wife-and-husband visual storyteller team, cautious adventurers and travelers. With and insatiable curiosity about the world and its people, our passion is to discover and understand cultures, meet people, visit natural and man made heritage sites and taste local foods, all around the Globe. We believe the equality of people, the importance of personal freedom and in a transcendent soul. We form a couple since 1983 and know that patience, listening and adapting is very important for a long-term successful relationship. After more than 30 years spent side by side we still have common targets, passions and a vision which would like to realize together.

Since the early years of the century -while we successfully managed our family and businesses- we spent our holidays by travelling, as much as were able to finance. Our sons, Ben and Martin grew up, finished their studies and started their own lives separately. The family nest became empty and we frequently felt that we should change our lives.

In the summer of 2015 we decided to leave our secure jobs and comfortable lifestyles for a creative sabbatical. We redesigned our life, started a new lifestyle and -through our visual diary- sharing our experiences, impressions, emotions and stories.

We believe that may helps others to change their lives and evaluate their secret plans or at least know the World and it’s people better.

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About Tünde

Tünde is the initiator of our travels. She is thirsty for new adventures, experiences or simple doing something, stops for sleep, only. Monotonity of her standard tasks as Family Manager or as Financial Manager at the family owned company often fatique her, while travelling relishing and fill with energy. She is perceptive for the vibration of Mother Earth and spiritualizm, passion is trekking, hiking. Interested to learn culture, tradition and genuine people. When we stop somewhere she always find a way to the cinema and enjoys watching films.

In the task sharing Tünde collect information about destination, creating plans what to visit, see, where to hike or climb, etc.




Zsolt_inMorayAbout Zsolt

As a former top athlete, the competition is always part of his life, nowadays its drained by cycling. Doesn’t matter what’s the target, wants to do it better and better. His professional carrier started as a medical doctor in a hospital, but after 6 years changed to medical device business. Based on Tünde’s inspiration travelling became his hobby as well and specially enjoys photo documentation. He collecting food recipes all around the world and likes to cook their favourites.

Zsolt’s main task is the documentation of the trips – photography and writing posts to the visual diary.

In their task sharing


GibraltarPanorama of SvolvaerIn the garden of the Taj MahalLaksaga riverBetween sand dunesAfter a successful Condor watchingThe top of the mountainSalt pond poolsAcropoliSunset Close to the peakOn the inca trailRovaniemi