Apenheul – Monkey zoo

If you would like to experience physical contact with horde of monkeys, see them even closer then in a standard zoo, than this is a really good site for you! Especially if you have children – they will real fun of it. Apenheul is a fantastic park for primates without fences and grids. Great apes living on cleverly designed islands in a natural environment where they can be themselves, while visitors almost can “touch” them, few meters of water between, only.

Entrance to the park - A park bejárataSquirrel monkey - MókusmajomRed ruffed lemur - Vörös lemurTünde enjoys to observe their behavior - Tünde élvezi az állatok közelségét

Just left the entrance and group of squirrel monkeys clustered over our heads. I went close to shot a close up portrait, while jumped to my objective and run up to my head and jumped to someone’s shoulder from. Happened so fast that there was no time to be surprised.

The vegetation of the park seems like a jungle, although its in Netherland. Brooks bubbling everywhere, the humidity is very high. Below deciduous trees the vegetation is very strong, bushes and bamboo everywhere. Continous movement above…small animals everywhere. Amazing…

My favourites are gorillas. A 15-member family lives on a water isolated, large island. Seems real paradise (compared to other zoo’s). Images not returns the size of their territory. Believe me, huge.

Jambo the silverbacked - Jambo az ezüsthátú vezérCapturing the position - Mindenki elfoglalja a helyétStart the presentation - Kezdődik az előadásArm distance - Karnyújtásnyi távolságban

Jambo, the silver-backed male leads, his prestige is unquestioned. Each of them has unique habit, behavior. Twice a day feeding presentation available, free to join. Unfortunately the explanation is in dutch, but interesting to see as the gorillas one after another, slowly appears from the bush, occupy their favourite position and waiting for food, posing, seemingly bored.

I can see them for hours, but heavy rain started to fall and we moved to a shelter, called coffee bar. We were rewarded ourselves with a good latte and a slice of chocolate cake…


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