The BOH tea plantation

We arrived to Cameron-highland, “the vegetable garden” of Malaysia on a cloudy afternoon. The valley is the deterrent example of human intervention, full the entire area, from a valley winding road up to the hillside greenhouses covered – a solid plastic hood over dozens of square kilometers. Open side walls allows to be seen really nice and healthy crops. Pervasive, pungent stench spreads from soaked chicken manure used in large quantities as fertilizer.

Stopped at the famous tea plantation the BOH, which brand is synonymous with Malay outlook on the world – can not stay a day without a cup of tea.

The plantation occupy an entire side-valley. The undulating landscape beautifully spectacular, just has harvested and currently picking areas alternates. Same height trimmed shrubs reminds to a fantastically tended garden. In the factory can view as the freshly picked tea leaves are processed, all the way to finished. The tour ends in the tea room, where a wide variety of tea and cake waiting for tasting.

Since everyone has a different favorite flavor, should definitely try more kinds of infusion – from a pleasant soft to the powerful astringent wide range of possible choices available, which may be amended by flavors (milk, sugar, lemon, etc.). Local cakes were very tasty, highly recommended to try.

Tea plantation - TeaültetvényTea-tea-tea-tea-tea.....Beautiful lights - Szép fényekben fürdik a tájat BOH tea plantation - A BOH teaültetvényenTaste of a selection of BOH - Teakóstolás

After drinking tea is worth to climb to the nearby high ground, from where the majority of the plantation overlooking and can be observed taking care of the land. Around here have be seen as machine and hand-harvested areas alternates. The incision starts to grow new shoots and fresh leaves. Harvest workers collecting leaves to white bags hanging on side – the premium brands leaves are still hand-picked.

Sometimes the clouds opened and the sun lighted the bushes that look like a soft, bright green blanket covering the landscape.

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