Petronas Twin Towers

The Petronas Towers are the jewels in the crown of Kuala Lumpur, the national capital of Malaysia. The enormous constructions surpass the height of other skyscrapers in the city centre so we could recognize them even from the plane. The Petronas Towers have an impressive height of 451.9m (1482ft). Besides the shiny chrome steel cladding, another characteristic feature of theirs is the Skybridge floating between land and sky and connecting the two towers at a height of 170m (558ft).

We have been allocated a room on the 37th floor of the Traders Hotel so we have a lovely view on the towers. Leaning against the huge, floor-to-ceiling window, we are watching the towers wrapped up in night lights and the people in the bustling park beneath us. We have tickets for tomorrow morning, so we’re going to bed now.

We get up with full of energy but during the breakfast we realize that we’re not in Europe anymore. Plate, knife and fork. OK, we can recognize these, but we’ve never seen the most of the foods before. Not in these appearance or not for breakfast. There are 4-5 counters and at least 50 choices in the buffet. Fish, mussels, crabs, octopi, meat, pastas, rice, vegetables, fruits, and oops! Something familiar, finally! Kimchi. It is not local, but from South-Korea. It’s a kind of fermented-pickled cabbage.

Wherever we are, we always look for local specialities, since more common food can also be found at home. One must get to know a country through their foods as well! When trying new foods, it can be useful to try a wide variety of them. Just put a bit of each on your plate, so that you don’t need to struggle, if it’s not for your taste. This method can be useful, especially in the case of dining in distant countries, like this one. We tried a wide range of foods without finding anything terrible.

After breakfast and a fast packing, we go to the lobby to check out.

In front of the hotel Vijay is waiting for us, who will be our driver and tour guide in the next few days. He came with a Proton microbus – it’s a Malaysian automobile manufacturer company. We just throw in our stuff, and after a fast consultation we’re now heading towards the entrance of the Petronas Towers. According to our tickets, we can enter exactly at 10:00. After a security check, the elevator starts moving upwards. Within a few seconds we reach the famous Skybridge at 170m. Pedestrians in the park become tiny dots and the boundaries of the city vanish in the misty sky blue. The nearby area tells us that the old city can’t fight the domination of these 20-40 storey buildings. There are still many of the traditional residential houses with only one or two floors and small backyards but the number of giant buildings has been increasing around them. Population growth ends up in a growing demand for housing. After 15 minutes, we’re going up to the 83rd level with the elevator and walk up to the 86th, which functions as an observation floor. There are glass panes around us and the height is fascinating. You should cast a glance from 370m if you haven’t done that before.

It’s a pity that I only have an amateur camera with myself, a professional one would be better… Doesn’t matter, I learned my lesson.

In front of the entrance - A bejárat előtti panorámaEntry ticket - A belépőjegySkybridge - 170mView from Skybridge - Látvány a Skybridge-rőlView from Skybridge - Látvány a Skybridge-rőlView from Skybridge - Látvány a Skybridge-rőlView from 86th floor - Látvány a 86-os szintről

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