Now this is something different!

Just about to land in the capital of Qatar. We’re going to transfer to another flight that goes directly to Kuala Lumpur. Arriving from the direction of the Persian Gulf and land on the runway of Doha. The airport is built on a land reclaimed from the Arabian Gulf. The shiny skyscrapers of the city centre are so close that we can almost touch them. The desert airport handles 15 million passengers annually.

“Welcome to the 5-star gate of the Middle-East!” – says the loudspeaker. I understood what they mean by this when I was walking in the terminal. Designer and luxury shopping stores are everywhere. No wrist-watch under 3000 € (I don’t even want to mention the more expensive ones). There are lots of cars exhibited here just like in any other terminals around the world, but these are… McLaren sport scars, Bentley limousines, BMWs. There is a tuning Mercedes SUV (V8, biturbo) with a writing on it which says: Win me! You can get a lottery ticket if you pay more than 160 dollars in the duty free shop.

The spirit of this place… aimlessly boasting about wealth and richness or is it just simply the smell of oil money? I took some pictures with my cell phone so others will also believe it.

McLarenMercedes V8 biturbo - buy in a duty free shop and win - vásárolj a vámmentes boltban és nyerd meg!

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