Arcades in Cusco

The main square of Cusco, Plaza de Armas, is a perfect place to spend some time on, relax and meditate. Benches in the square are surrounded by fascinating buildings. In the middle, a golden Inca statue shines in the sunlight. There are arcades surrounding us in a regular square-shape, hiding the entrances of cafés or a restaurants those all lead upstairs. We have a spectacular view on the bustling square while we enjoy a delectable coffee, a piece of cake or some of the local specialities.

The sculpted balconies facing the square are striking features of this place. It is worth settling down here for a few days to simply enjoy your life and look around. It is the perfect base if you want to discover the beauty of this region. Sacsayhuaman, Quenco, Puka Pukara and other Inca sites are situated nearby.


Arcades of Plaza de Armas - A főtér árkádjaiArcades of Plaza de Armas - A főtér árkádjaiPopular site to rest - Kellemes hely a pihenésre és szemlélődésreCarved balcony - Faragott erkélyCarved balcony - Faragott erkély

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