Dune buggies

At the Huacachina oasis we were offered a special adventure giving us an extra dose of adrenaline. We got in those special vehicles to discover the sea of sand. Drivers of these wide-tired buggies took the advantage of the powerful engines and drove unbelievably fast between the dunes.

Up to the hill with roaring engine, jump over the brink and freefall down the other side. I felt like my stomach was floating in my chest, then in my trousers. We became children again as we were racing and screamed so much that we lost our voices.

Photos cannot really give you the same experience. You have to imagine the rest: shrieking wind, flying hair, screams disappearing in the distance, the scratching feel of the swirling sand and rapid heartbeats.

Real adventureUp and downClimbing dunes and falling down on the other sideAdrenaline At the start everybody relaxedThe atmosphere of dune-crossLandscape with buggys

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